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i’m lucky enough to have encountered a barista malicious enough to do this to me - i ordered a decaf latte with soy milk and they gave me fully caffeinated with cow’s milk. cue hours of panic attacks and feeling sick. ugh

Why do some baristas think its adorable and clever to dick around with people’s specifications?  They can kill someone with allergies with this shit. 

Last summer, I had a stomach infection (sorry, gross, I know) and could hardly eat any sugar at all. After I went to doctors appointments, I’d gotten into the routine of stopping at a nearby coffee shop and getting a sugar free soy latte (because I’m also lactose intolerant). Whenever I gave that order to a certain barista, she would roll her eyes and be kind of rude, but I was like whatever. Then one day, I gave my order and my drink tasted a little better, but I didn’t really think anything of it until I overheard her whispering to another barista something like “I made that girl’s drink with regular syrup and whole milk, I’m so sick of these bitches getting soy and sugar free when they’re not even fat” like she had done something really awesome and clever.

I was horribly sick for the rest of the day.

it’s not uncommon at all for baristas to give me whole milk when I ask for soy. and for me, that just means I get a bad tummy ache, but for some people, that could actually kill them.

So yeah, people who do this shit should really lose their jobs.

[EDIT: Sorry, I didn’t realize the first blog who’d commented was an fatphobic blog. Deleted comment from asshole.]

I had this happen once. I went back the next day and told the manager ALL about my flaming shits, stomach cramps and gas. Then I told her who did it and I’m pretty sure they got fired.

I’ve had this kind of thing happen multiple times. Ordering diet pop and getting regular, ordering sugar free syrup and getting regular…and since I can’t always tell the difference in taste between diet and regular, I finish the whole drink and then end up in the hospital with blood sugar over 40. It’s not fuckin’ cute, people.

My ex-boyfriend’s wonderful, artistic, funny grandmother died of an allergic reaction, because someone thought it would be funny to give her something other than what she ordered. 

My mother is diabetic, and managing her blood sugar (really well, fortunately) through her diet and without insulin because it’s damned expensive for her. 

I could go on about my friends and family and their allergies and food sensitivities and religious prohibitions, but I won’t. Whether you think someone’s a “skinny bitch” or a “fat cow,” (either way, fuck you for being a judgmental asshole), it’s not your goddamn place to be the arbiter of their diets, you thoughtless moron. 

I don’t usually call for people to be fired, but if you do this, you should be fired.

This shit reminds me of only a few weeks ago when I was skiing in the mountains with my family and we had lunch at a wafflehouse up at the top of the mountian. I’ve gotten used to being unable to have whipped cream when I’m eating out and thus I asked to not have any on my waffle or in my hot cocoa. When I then specified that I wanted the actual cocoa non-lactose, they also claimed to have lactose-free whipped cream for both it and the waffles. Surprised and pleased, I changed my order.

When we then got our order and I asked which one of the waffles and cocoa that had the non-lactose cream, they claimed that our whole order was non-lactose. This I found a bit suspicious, because I’ve never seen it done that way before. But I ate my waffle and enjoyed my cocoa and blamed the slightly different taste on it being a different brand than what I usually have.

Bad idea. That night I slept a total of 2 hours due to cramps and diarrhea. It was fucking horrible. All because someone didn’t take my intolerance seriously. It’s so unprofessional and inconsiderate and, in some cases such as the ones above, potentially life-threatening.

This has happened to me quite a few times and I went home super sick to my stomach. So when I do order something with dairy in it I’ve officially stopped trying to change my order so I don’t have to deal with assholes like those. I’ve resorted to throwing out my drink as soon as i start feeling a stomach ache coming on… not fun for me because I wait until AFTER I started getting sick and I waste about half the drink, people need to stop being asses.

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