My name is Monica. I swim.
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it was great getting to see my cousins, if you want to see all of the pictures i have from last night check out my instagram (monicastamler)



if you’re a fan of my cousins and this doesn’t make you jealous then you’re lying to yourself (It’s a picture of me, my mom, and his mom <my aunt>)

[Anonymous] said:
" Selfie?! PLEASE! "


heyyyy its meeee and my hair’s striaght! (please no hate on me)


B&W Blog!


I’m pretty sure I’ve posted stuff along the lines of this more than once, but I don’t even care.
The Goulddigger community is probably one of the sweetest fandoms I’ve ever come across. Whether you follow me or not, thank you for being apart of this amazing community. Y’all are so lovely and kind. I hope to one day give each and every one of you a big ole hug. Through this blog I have truly been able to see the power a mutual love for the same thing can bring people together from all over the world.
If there was some way I could show my appreciation to all of you that follow me, message me or anything like that, I would do it. Until then here is the ramblings of an Australian girl who just really loves Ellie Goulding
- lots of love, Emma xx

Positivus Festival - 20.07.14